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12 must do things that improve my Facebook business page

12 MUST DO Things That Can Improve Your Facebook Business Page

12 must do things that improve my Facebook business page


Right, so you’ve thought up a business idea and the first thing on your ‘to do’ list is to set up a Facebook business page. And that’s great! Almost every type of business uses a Facebook business page to some degree in their online marketing campaigns. Not only that but it can help your business grow and gain greater exposure from an online perspective without spending a dime on promotion.


However, even though you’re on the right track and taken action by setting up your Facebook business page you may have accidentally (or not) correctly set your page up. You may be thinking about things that improve my Facebook business page? where have all the people gone? Why isn’t my page generating the interest it was originally? Why isn’t my page getting more likely on a daily basis? If you are don’t worry you aren’t alone. More than 50% of businesses use Facebook business page’s incorrectly.


12 things that improve my Facebook business page


1. Provide more information about your business


Nearly every time when I’m trawling through one of my clients Facebook business page’s I see information sections that have been completely left out or incorrectly filled in. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING you need to make sure every single section on your Facebook business page is filled in with the most up to date information, such as your email address, phone numbers (landline / office if available), website URL, working hours, address, an in-depth business description and the  services you can provide.


If you don’t have the information above then you will have to quickly sort this out. Online marketing is about trust. Would you trust your own business if you were a customer going through your Facebook business page? If not, then you have problems that need to be addressed quickly. For example, if you don’t have a website find a web design company that can provide professional affordable websites quickly.


2. Ensure you have a professional cover image


As I’ve said in other articles first impressions are everything. It can make or break a persons buying decision. The cover image of your Facebook business page is the first thing people or potential customers will see. Therefore it is CRUCIAL you have a high quality cover image that stands out. Colourful images and images with people usually attract the best first impression and have a positive effect on positively influencing a persons trust with your business.


3. Use an accurate profile picture (e.g. your company logo)


Similar to the cover image the profile picture is extremely important. Your profile picture is the thing that will show up in your fans newsfeed whenever you post fresh content or set up a PPC advertising campaign. You need to pick a picture that is easily recognisable so your fans / customers can actually see you through all the daily noise and rubbish clogging everyones news feed.


4. Treat your Facebook business page like a first date


Would you ask a boy or girl on a first date to instantly get married? No (well I hope you wouldn’t). You need to build a solid relationship with the boy or girl before you get to the marriage stage. Ask questions, build trust and rapport and then ask the direct questions at a later date once you have established yourself.


Too many business owners forget that a Facebook business page (along with other social media platforms) isn’t about just hard selling. If you constantly post “buy now”, “20% off” or “new sale” it can come across as spam. Yes, it may work a couple of times, but it will eventually fade because people won’t find it interesting. People hate being sold to. Chat with your followers. Spend time asking questions. Figure out how YOU CAN HELP THEM solve their problems. Make people want to regularly check your page by posting good quality content that helps your audience!


5. Audience engagement


The number of likes is NOT important. If you have a 1000 likes on a post and no one has actually followed through with what you want them to (be it to buy something or sign up) your post is worthless. Engagement is the MOST important thing. Focus on how you can provide your audience with value and increasing the level of engagement on each post made. Think of “things that can improve my Facebook business page”. If you post good quality content on a regular basis you will see a massive increase in engagement compared to “if you are looking for XYZ, then click here”.


If you are a bit confused about what type of content you should be posting, think about the service you offer. For example, I own a web design business so my content will be about helping small business owners grow their business online. This article I wrote on how to get instant leads for your small business may be useful to you.


6. Be visual


It’s proven that people hate reading nowadays. How often do you actually read something in comparison to watching videos or images? Posts that include attractive images and videos are the most likely type of content to be liked and shared on Facebook. START doing it as soon as possible.


7. Diversify your approach


Don’t get boring. Too many business owners post the same type of thing every single day. This will cause your audience to get bored and as a result stop visiting your page or reading your updates. Look at other ways you can post content, such as video, polls, articles, infographics, groups, ask open ended questions, competitions, etc.




If you are a garden landscaper post about things related to your niche ‘gardens and landscaping’. For example “10 things every gardener should do to prepare their garden for winter”. Don’t start posting about a wedding you attended last weekend or a friend getting drunk and being sick everywhere on a night out. Just don’t. Use your personal Facebook for that type of thing. If you keep it specific and only post about things related to your niche you can be the ‘go to person’ for your industry or niche.


9. Avoid over posting


Usually we have found the best amount to post in a single day is around 2-4 times. Make sure you post consistently throughout the day and not all in one sitting. Get to know your audience and post in the times that they are most likely to see it. Don’t write content and post it at 1am in the morning. Not many people will see that and you will waste your time.


10. Consistent posting is key


Now it’s not easy. I’ve done it before. You think it’s all great and you are going to post every single day no problems whatsoever, then BAM! You get busy with general life and forget you ever had a Facebook business page. In order to be successful and truly grow your Facebook business page it’s going to take time, effort and hard work on your behalf. Whether you want to pay someone to post the content (there are some great websites for this) or create the content yourself you’re going to need time. Make sure you keep your audience interested and think of “things that can improve my Facebook business page”.


11. Get to know Facebook’s statistical data


Facebook is a beast when it comes to figuring out your audiences behaviour and what you’re doing wrong (or right). It’s extremely simple and easy to use and will enable you to gauge whether or not a particular activity is worth your time. For example, do Facebook videos in a post work better than image in a post?

Study the metrics of your Facebook business page. If you are unsure about how to do this then a quick Google search or Youtube search will be worthwhile. There’s tonnes of great information from Facebook themselves helping you to get the most out of your page (and it’s free)!


12. Use Facebook ads to boost exposure


Facebook has built the BEST advertising platform known to man. Ever. Think about how much you personally share on Facebook and how much information Facebook has gathered about you. Facebook knows what you did 3 years ago to the exact day, where you were, what you were doing, who you were with, etc, etc.


For example, I’ve recently seen a great Facebook ad from a wine company targeting newly graduated university students with “5 wines every student should drink if they’ve just graduated from Bristol university”. They targeted their audience to Bristol and young people who have just graduated from Bristol university. You can go even deeper than that. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of how in depth you can go with targeting on Facebook ads.


Remember, don’t try and close on the first date! Take your time and build a relationship. Try and set up your Facebook ads so that it directs people to your Facebook business page (where there SHOULD be good quality content related to your business or niche) and encourage them to like, share and comment.


If you would like some help on setting up PPC campaigns then this article I wrote might help you.


Jack Wiggins

Managing Director at ShyFish Designs
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